The registration process has several steps:

1. Create an account using registration form.

You will need to provide your name, email, address and phone number so management can verify your identity to make sure your are a homeowner of Wescott Square. You will create your user name and password to log in to this site.

2. Confirm your email

After registration form is submitted, you will receive email from Wescott Square web site. That email contains your user name and password. That email also contains link to confirm your email. Simply click it to confirm that you successfully receive notification in your email.

The mail you will get should look like this:

Hello John Smith,

Thank you for registering at Wescott Square. Your account is created and must be verified before you can use it.
To verify the account click on the following link or copy-paste it in your browser:

After verification an administrator will be notified to activate your account. You'll receive a confirmation when it's done.
Once that account has been activated you may login to using the following username and password:

Username: JSmith
Password: tPass#2019

3. Account approval

When you confirm your email, your Management company will receive notification about new account. They will verify information and may contact you in person or by phone to confirm your identity before approving your account. When they do, you will be notified by email and can start using your user name and password to log in.



First make sure you received email verification email and clicked the link to confirm your email address. Check spam folder as some mail clients and services can mistakenly move your there. If you find email in spam folder we recommend to change settings in you email client to allow emails from to be delivered to your inbox.

If you confirmed our email, please allow some time for your management company to verify information and approve your account. This is done by person, not an automated robot, so be patient.