• The Wescott Square pool in a private, community pool for all Wescott Square residents and their families to enjoy. 
  • All children under 14 must be supervised by an adult.
  • Pets may not be brought into the pool area.
  • No alcoholic drinks are permitted at the pool, except at socials sanctioned by Wescott Square.
  • The pool gate must be kept closed and has a self-closing lock; do not prop the door open.
  • The pool area must be kept neat and clean.  Please close umbrellas and return chairs and tables to their appropriate locations.
  • Remove all food and beverages when leaving and place refuse in the waste containers.
  • Keep restrooms clean and doors closed. Do not leave used diapers in the pool area trash cans.
  • Additional Rules, posted at the pool, must be followed.

Pool Guest Rules

  • Non-resident / Non-family guests are limited to four (4) individuals when visiting the Wescott Square pool.   Activities involving more than four Non-Resident guests must have advanced approval from the Property Manager.  Use of the pool is first and foremost for all Wescott Square Homeowners. The pool is also available for individual Homeowner functions, birthday parties, etc..

  • Individual Homeowner wishing to schedule a pool function should make their request in advance for approval by the Property Manager.  The Homeowner is responsible for his/her guests and their behavior at the Wescott Square pool.  Any damage done in the pool, cabana, or bathroom areas will be the financial responsibility of the Homeowner.  Please take all leftover food and organic trash with you when you leave, as animals can get into the pool trash cans.

  • At ALL times, including during any approved Homeowner functions, other Wescott Square residents will ALWAYS have access to the pool.  Please make sure that your guests respect the other Wescott Square residents who are enjoying the pool and the pool deck area. 

  • No boats, boat trailers, recreational vehicles, panel vans or commercial trucks may be parked on the properties, except inside garages. Vehicles classified as non-commercial vehicles such as light pickup trucks (up to and including ½-ton), sport utility vehicles and light van-type vehicles with windows may be parked on driveways.
  • Maintenance, repair and delivery vehicles may be parked on the street during business hours.
  • Parking is not permitted on the grass.
  • Vehicle maintenance or repair work will not be permitted on driveways or streets, will be allowed in garages only.
  • On-street parking is prohibited between midnight and 6:00 AM. Vehicles not adhering to these rules may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • No parking is permitted in the emergency vehicle turnarounds, marked with “No Parking” signs at either end of Windmoor Drive. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.
  • Speed limits within Wescott Square are 15 mph.
  • Pets such as dogs, cats, birds (canaries or parakeets, etc.) and fish (goldfish and tropical varieties) are permitted.
  • Only one dog is permitted per household; it can weigh no more than 35 pounds at maturity.
  • Pets must be on a leash when outside the owner’s home.
  • You must immediately clean up behind your pet.
  • Pet owners will be requested to find other housing for nuisance pets.
  • Feeding the local wildlife is prohibited by State and Pinellas County regulations and subject to a fine.
  • Feeding stray cats or dogs is prohibited, as outsides food draws nuisance animals, such as: raccoons, coyotes, rats, etc., to the Wescott Community.
  • Lots in Wescott Square and the improvements on them are owned in fee simple by each individual homeowner.
  • All exterior renovations or changes must receive prior Architectural Control Committee approval; an ARC form is available in the Residents Section.
  • Trees and bushes my not be removed or planted without approval of the Architectural Control Committee formed by the Wescott Square Board of Directors. Owners may plant annual flowers in the beds or in their window boxes provided they assume responsibility for maintaining them. Planting by owners of non-approved larger plants, bushes or trees may cause safety issues or additional maintenance issues for maintenance contractors and is not permitted without approval. Any plants that obstruct the spray pattern of the irrigation system will be trimmed or removed, depending on the circumstances. The Association will not be liable or responsible for any damages, either above or below ground, caused by plantings that were not approved by the Wescott Square Board of Directors.
  • Antennas or any similar devices may not be erected on the property.
  • Installation of satellite dishes is permitted only by the extent allowed by law.
  • Clotheslines and the hanging of clothes is not permitted outside any home.
  • Only one sign is permitted on any property offered for sale or rental and may not exceed 36 inches by 24 inches.
  • Roofs and roof systems, atrium wood trim, chimneys, gutters, down spouts, doors, windows, screened porches and patios, spas, party walls, wooden decks, garage doors, driveways, and other lot improvements are the owner’s maintenance responsibility, except for such maintenance that is the responsibility of the Association as put forth in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Wescott Square and their amendments. Improvements must conform to the existing architectural requirements of the community.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of driveways, sidewalks, roofs, decks and screened enclosures is the responsibility of the homeowner and must be maintained in good order consistent with the overall appearance of our subdivision. If an owner fails to maintain the improvements on his or her property, the Association may do so as prescribed in the Wescott Square Declaration and bill the owner for the work. Entry upon an owner’s property for such purposes shall not constitute a trespass.
  • New roofs must be the color and style prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  • Exterior walls and trim must be painted the colors prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  • Garage doors must be the windowless 16-panel doors painted the color prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Residences on the west wide of Windmoor Drive North and South are located on a wooded area, designated by the County as a natural area, part of which you own. It is not however, a preserve area, which is publicly-owned land maintained by the county. The following statement by the Pinellas County Environmental Management Office is noted on the recorded plat for Wescott Square.

“In general, no filling, excavation, tree removal or construction will be permitted
within the natural area, which has been so designated due to its significant
ecological value. All permit requests within this area will be reviewed based
upon the impact on the natural system, as well as current Pinellas County
ordinances and regulations.”

According to the Pinellas County Environmental Management Office, natural areas must remain natural. A tree that falls or a bush that dies must remain as part of that natural environment. No machinery or chemicals may be used in a natural area. Before removing any foliage or trees which may overhang a home or screened enclosure, a home-occupied lot permit must be filed with the Development Review Office at the Tree-Desk, 310 Court Street, Clearwater, Florida. While there is no cost for a permit to have shrubs and vegetation removed, which must be accomplished only by hand removal, there is a small permit fee for tree removal. According to the Office of Development Revue Services of Pinellas County (464-4761), failure to obtain a permit and to follow the county regulations would be met with a fine and possible costs to restore the area.

The Fire Department does not dictate nor expect any specific distance be delineated as a fire break between the homes on the west side of Windmoor and the natural area. A survey, which maps the natural area boundary, must be used by maintenance companies hired to remove or trim any foliage in the natural area.

Any trees, limbs, vines, etc. that may pose a maintenance problem for any individual home or deck, must be handled by the individual homeowner by filing for the appropriate permit and privately contracting for the work to be done following county regulations.